The Home Depot Barcode Testing Center

The Home Depot Logistic Barcode Testing
Submission Instructions

All Home Depot vendors are required to send a representative sampling of their carton barcodes for certification. THD logistic barcodes are printed either directly on corrugate boxes or white pressure sensitive labels. Barcode submissions should include samples from every shipping or manufacturing location, packaging type and format utilized for THD shipments.

Submitted sample barcodes must be actual barcodes from your product line and not a facsimile. Vendor must provide samples for every size printed carton and label which carries a logistic barcode from each ship/production point.

Certification Sample Submission Process
Forms Located At Bottom Of Page

All submissions must include both a Testing Agreement and Barcode Testing Submission Form. Samples which are received without both completed documents will not be processed. Only physical samples will be evaluated. Our analysts will not review any facsimile or e-mailed images. Vendors are recommended to send in test samples using a shipping method which provides tracking/delivery information.

Upon receipt and completion of Testing Agreement processing, the listed primary contact will receive an e-mail notification. Certification results will be provided via e-mail within 3 business days.

Inquiries regarding certification results should be sent to For questions regarding Certification Processing, vendors are encouraged to review the Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on this website.

Certification Fees
Per submission, the cost for a single testing sample is $50.00. For submissions with multiple samples, the first test sample is $50.00 and additional test samples are $40.00 each. Bar Code Graphics does offer discounted pre-purchased test packages for Home Depot. For information on discounted packages, please click here.

Bar Code Graphics Home Depot Testing Agreement
All submissions must include a completed Testing Agreement. In the top section of the form, please complete the vendor's primary corporate address and include a vendor ID, if known. Submissions which are received without a completed Testing Agreement will not be processed.

The Home Depot Barcode Testing Submission Form
Since THD logistic barcode certification program requires certification by ship/production point, separate sample Submission Forms are to be used for each location which supplies product through THD RDC supply chain.

Each individual test sample must be properly itemized on the Submission Form. The unique GTIN data from either the UPC or ITF-14 will be used to identify each size carton and/or label submitted for testing. Vendors may also use the optional reference field for individual sample identification. Submissions with more than 5 test samples should use multiple Submission Forms. At the bottom of each form is a box to indicate if additional forms are included.

Test Samples
THD logistic barcodes may either be directly printed on corrugate shipping box or printed on white pressure sensitive labels.

1. Direct print on corrugate box - Actual Sample
oThe entire carton does not need to be shipped. Only the panel with the printed logistics barcode needs to be provided. Note: If you are cutting out a barcode on a panel, please make sure that at least 2" of free space surrounds the entire printed symbol on every side.
o Do not fold carton panel so that the barcode is impacted.
o Do not write anywhere near the printed barcode
2. Printed Label
o Actual label stock needs to be provided.
o Do not fold label.
o Please make sure printed barcode is free of any tape or markings.

Certification Results
Testing results will be provided via e-mail to the listed primary and secondary (optional) contacts. For vendors who do not pass certification for certain size cartons or labels, the email evaluation will provide digital images, verification scan reports (if applicable), and corrective actions.