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Barcode Testing For Import Vendors FAQ's

Q.We are an import vendor but do not know our MVEN?
A. Every import vendor has a THD Global Sourcing Import Operations Manager assigned to them. You need to go back and inquire through your Import Manager to find your number.
Q. Do all THD import vendors need to have their shipping cartons and labels certified?
The THD barcode requirements are applicable to all Home Depot vendors with the exception of Lumber, Live goods, & special orders. Import vendors who ship through RDC must also certify barcode cartons and labels. Only items with conveyable shipping cartons need to be certified.
Q. Are barcode samples required for every item we ship to Home Depot?
Import Vendors need to provide samples for every item’s shipping carton which is conveyable. THD logistic barcode certification is needed for every size carton (direct print) and/or every printed label which will be processed through the RDC supply chain.
Q. We have multiple ship/production locations which use identical size printed labels and direct printed cartons, do we need to send in samples from all the locations?
Yes. Test samples are required from all ship/production locations, even if similar size cartons and labels are utilized. Due to differences in material, equipment, software, and training, it is very common for differences in print quality and compliance. Certification by ship location illustrates your company's comprehensive ability to meet the THD barcode requirements.
Q. Can we send in mockup test samples?
No. Actual live samples are mandatory. In order to evaluation compliance, only actual cartons and labels must be submitted for testing.
Q. What is the turnaround for test results?
Vendors should receive e-mail results within 5 business days of receipt at Bar Code Graphics’ testing facility in Shenzhen, China.
Q. How do I submit samples and where do I send them?
Import Vendors are required to pre-register items into our web application before every sample submission. The testing facility address will be provided on the submission form which is provided after registration. Also, an invoice will be generated at the time of registration and payment must be made in full before shipping labels for certification. Any package which is receive which is not pre-registered and pre-paid will not be processed.
Q. Do we need to ship entire empty cartons for logistic barcodes directly printed on corrugate boxes?
Vendors do not need to ship entire empty boxes for evaluations. The panel of the carton may be cut out as long as there is 2" free space around all sides of the barcode. Please make sure the barcode is not impacted by any folds or other markings. DO NOT SHIP BOXES WITH MERCHANDISE!
Q. What factors are being evaluated for barcode certification?
THD logistic barcodes are tested for dimensional compliance, ANSI/ISO Print Quality, and proper formatting. Although the GS1 Company Prefix will be checked for proper positioning and ownership, GTIN data is accuracy is not tested.
Q. If a particular submission does not pass certification, how will I know I to rectify the problem(s)?
Evaluation which do not pass certification will be accompanied by an issue summary, a ANSI/ISO print quality scan report, a digital image, and corrective actions which need to be taken to correct stated compliance issues. Vendors are required to re-submit samples until a particular size carton/label is deemed certified.